Level 3: Develop & Implement Internal Halal Audit System

Maintaining a Halal certification requires commitment from both the management and the organisation’s staff. Aside from understanding the basic principles of permissible food and drink categories, one must ensure proper compliance when it comes to food selection and preparation.

It is highly encouraged for applicants of the Muis Halal certification to conduct internal Halal audit(s) at their premises/establishment(s) to ensure continuous compliance and/or to address any Halal–related gaps before the recertification process. The role of the internal audit is to provide independent assurance that an organisation’s risk management and internal control processes are operating effectively.

This programme is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge to perform internal audit for specific Halal business. At the end of this programme, trainees will be equipped with the relevant skills needed to conduct internal auditing as part of the 10 principles of Halal Quality Management System (HalMQ).


At the end of this course, learners are able:

To understand:

  • Audit procedures
  • Work processes and practices to be audited 
  • Halal requirements 
  • Staffing requirements 
  • System requirements 


  • Plan for internal Halal audits 
  • Conduct internal Halal audits on Halal requirements 
  • Conduct internal Halal audits on staffing requirements 
  • Conduct internal Halal audits on system requirements

Programme Details

Other Relevant Details

Designed for

Strongly recommended for Halal Team Leaders and staff within the Halal-certified premises that are assigned in maintaining the organisation’s Halal system to attend this course to have a better understanding of the internal Halal audit system.

Course Requirements 

It is compulsory to complete any of the following Level 1 course before taking this course. 

  • Halal Foundation (For Supervisors) – Blended Learning
  • Halal Foundation (For Supervisors) – Full Online Learning
  • Halal Foundation (Operational Level) – English
  • Halal Foundation (Operational Level) – Malay
  • Halal Foundation (Blended Learning) – Asynchronous Learning & Classroom

Completing Level 2 Developing & Implementing the HalMQ course is highly recommended before taking this course. 

Language Medium

The course is available in English language.

Learning Components

  • Pre-learning Activity – Online learning via Gnowbe app 
  • One day physical classroom 


  • Written assignment
  • Oral questioning (1-hour session, about 1 month after classroom session) via web conference tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Team


No training grant is available.