Halal Foundation (for Supervisors) - Asynchronous E-learning & Classroom

(Level 1) For Supervisory Level

Course Reference Number: TGS-2021008598

In co-operation with Muis Halal Certification Strategic Unit, this is a mandatory course to acquire the Halal Certification in Singapore. It aims at providing trainees with the essential knowledge of basic Halal concepts. At the end of the course, participants will be able to apply the knowledge gained into the daily business operations in compliance with the Singapore Muis Halal Quality Management System (HalMQ).


  • Explain the fundamental concepts of Halal
  • Understand and demonstrate verification techniques of Halal food status in the sourcing of raw materials
  • Understand the Singapore Muis Halal Certification conditions, schemes and requirements
  • Interpret the Singapore Halal Quality Management System (HalMQ)
  • Understand the Halal-related breaches and their implications

Programme Details

Designed For
Managerial or supervisory level staff (e.g. Halal team leaders, managers, owners) who are comfortable with technology-enabled learning tools, such as Gnowbe app.

Course Requirements

  • Must be tech-literate or tech-savvy and comfortable in reading, interpreting and participating in online content materials
  • Proficient in speaking, writing and reading in the language medium of the course

Language Medium
The learning modes are available in English language.

Learning Components

  • 5-hours of mobile learning via Gnowbe app
  • 1-Day of classroom learning

The assessment method for the above will be written assessment via an online platform. The assessment will be conducted at the end of the classroom learning. Learners are expected to use their mobile phones or laptop to complete the written assessment.

This course is SkillsFuture Credit Claimable.